IT Consulting
& Services

Choosing the best it infrastructure solution does not depend on the availability of such a solution on the market, but On your expectations for such a solution. It doesn't exist without You. We together with You will find that "Golden mean", task core, which will connect desires and opportunities.

Our Services

  • Data Backup

  • Veeam-based virtual machine data backup

  • Virtual Machines Replication and Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery scenarios

  • Office 365 Backup

You can rent available configurations of servers and network equipments or send us list of needed equipment. Options for colocation rented servers are available in Russia, European countries, USA.

We will help you within range for every your choice of IT-infrastructure.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • WorkBOX

  • Office 365

  • Microsoft cloud applications

  • Exchange-as-a-Service

  • Windows 10

  • WorksPad

  • Cloud disk

  • Personal data security

  • PCI DSS certification


  • Network security

  • Web Application Firewall

  • DDoS Attack Protection

  • Security and Vulnerability Analysis

  • Two-Factor authentication

  • E-mail security

  • SSL-certificates

  • MS SQL as a Service

  • MySQL as a Service

  • PostgreSQL as a Service

  • MongoDB as a Service

  • Kubernetes container management

  • 1C as a service

  • DevOps as a Service

  • Building corporate site

  • Providing administration functions for client's sites

  • SEO

  • Support and maintenance of web-projects

  • Information and technical support of the site

  • Advertising campaigns on the Internet

  • Management selection & Staff selection

  • Executive Search

  • Mass Recruitment

  • Temporary Staffing

  • Personnel and Business Processes Outsourcing

  • Consulting services

  • Commercial and technology law

  • Data privacy, protection and cybersecurity

  • Real Estate and Planning

  • Energy and Infrastructure

  • Corporate and M&A

  • Corporate Crime and Investigations

  • Advising Russian organisations around the world

Rack and server rental services. Secured and caged footprint and full-equiped rack solutions. 


- Moscow, Russia (different places);

- The Netherlands;

- Czech Republic;

- USA.

  • VMware-based cloud computing

  • Hyper-V-based cloud computing

  • OpenStack-based cloud computing

  • Federal Law 152 compliant cloud computing

  • Disaster-proof cloud computing

  • Azure and AWS direct connection

  • Network virtualization

  • Dedicated communication channel rental

  • Internet Access

  • Fiber optic line rental

  • Access to the Meet-Me-Room network infrastructure

  • MSK-IX presence

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Hosted PBX

  • Looking glass


“We worked with Magrit Tech Solutions in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to find a data center site for renting and placing server equipment for a significant segment of our business. Colleagues helped navigate the server rental market and working conditions with data center sites , offered several adequate options and provided direct contact. We chose the most suitable one and have already launched the service in a new location in less than a month. We saw that a positive result was important both to us and to colleagues at Magrit Tech Solutions. Contacts will be saved, unnecessary will not be."

Alexander Kurapov, Zoon.


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The company is constantly expanding its partner service network. We strive to cover the widest possible range of customer expectations. A list of partner companies and services will appear in the relevant sections. You can read about new services in the news tab.